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(LIVE) 3110 - C20526 Pump Fundamentals for Engineers (June 9 and 10 CST)

This course is an open sign-up multi-session live e-learning course for June 9 and June 10 focusing on pump fundamentals. It will be 6 hours for both days, 12 hours total on Zoom.

What You Will Learn in Pump Fundamentals:

- Understand how centrifugal pumps work
- Understand all of the basic design configurations
- Understand the design functions of each component
- Learn how to interpret pump performance curves
- Learn how to determine where a pump is operating relative to best efficiency (BEP)
- Understand the relationship of BEP to pump reliable operation
- Learn how to develop a system curve
- Learn how to develop parallel and series pump curves
- Learn how to use the Affinity Laws to optimize pump performance
- Understand the different ways to calculate brake horsepower (bhp)
- Learn how to use bhp to determine pump operating degradation
- Learn how to calculate net positive suction head available (NPSHa)
- Understand the relationship of NPSHa to net positive suction head required (NPSHr)
- Learn how to calculate suction specific speed (SS)
- Understand the limitations for SS for different fluids
- Understand the importance of submergence for vertical wet pit pumps
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed