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(LIVE) EARLY BIRD 3110 - C20532 Pump Fundamentals for Engineers (Oct 20-21, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM CST)

The Early Bird Sign Up pricing will only be available until October 14! Make sure to sign up prior that date to get the pricing!

This course is an open sign-up multi-session live e-learning course for October 20 and October 21 focusing on pump fundamentals. It will be 6 hours for both days, 12 hours total on Zoom.

What You Will Learn in Pump Fundamentals:

- Understand how centrifugal pumps work
- Understand all of the basic design configurations
- Understand the design functions of each component
- Learn how to interpret pump performance curves
- Learn how to determine where a pump is operating relative to best efficiency (BEP)
- Understand the relationship of BEP to pump reliable operation
- Learn how to develop a system curve
- Learn how to develop parallel and series pump curves
- Learn how to use the Affinity Laws to optimize pump performance
- Understand the different ways to calculate brake horsepower (bhp)
- Learn how to use bhp to determine pump operating degradation
- Learn how to calculate net positive suction head available (NPSHa)
- Understand the relationship of NPSHa to net positive suction head required (NPSHr)
- Learn how to calculate suction specific speed (SS)
- Understand the limitations for SS for different fluids
- Understand the importance of submergence for vertical wet pit pumps
  • Session Information and Instructions
  • (LIVE) Pump Fundamentals for Engineers (Oct 20, 21)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed